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Mathématique du secondaire


Mathematics of the secondary is a realization of Xavier Hubaut, professor in the Université libre de Bruxelles.

" Mathematical of the secondary" is intended to the future teachers of mathematics and also to their pupils.

The idea which prevailed in the design of this site is that, to interest in mathematics, it is advisable that they are aesthetic, applicable or amusing under penalty of making unaesthetic, useless and tedious mathematics.

A good principle, but do not believe that it will be easy! It will be necessary for you to supplement by an attentive study of the definitions which are unfortunately not all available on the site.

This said, each subject is presented in a concise way and of many diagrams the various topics illustrate and show well how much the intuition and the geometrical vision are useful in the majority of the treated questions.

The contents of this course in constant evolution and can differ from that presented here.


  • Linear mathematics
    • Parallel projections - orthogonal Projections - Linear applications - trilinear Co-ordinates - Barycentre - Prospect - homogeneous Co-ordinates - Relation of harmony - Theorem of Desargues.
  • Second degree
    • Scalar product - Equation of 2e degree - Together of the equations - Triangle and orthocentre - Circles - Conical projective - Conical closely connected - Belgian Theorems - Circle of Monge.
  • Complexes
    • Complex numbers - Circles and right-hand sides - Inversion - Quaternions - complex Functions - Exponential and sine.
  • Polyhedrons
    • Regular polyhedrons - Polyhedrons archimédiens - ¨Snub "polyhedral - plane Kaleidoscope - spherical Kaleidoscope - regular Pavings of the plan - Pavings of the sphere - M.C.Escher - coordinated Polyhedrons.
  • Analyze
    • Development in series - But, it is obvious! - Limits - goniometric Functions - Calculation of primitives - Formulas of Simpson - square Root - natural Logarithm.
  • Statistics
    • Average, mode and median - Games of chance - Paradoxes - Binomial distribution - normal Law - Distribution of Poisson - Test of assumption.
  • Varied
    • Isométries of the sinusoid - Right-hand side of Euler - Calculus and mental - Simple or complicated? - recurring Continuations - Continuation of the recurring continuations - "round" bodies - Right-angled of gold - P.G.C.D. - Numbers of Pythagore - not-Euclidean Geometry - Sets - Logic - Probabilities - remarkable Curves.
  • Applications
    • A network of motorways - the 4e dimension - Instalment purchase - 243 euros! - correct Codes - Game theory - Dietetics - Polls proportional - Photography - Genetics - Setting out of box - Decathlon - Launching of the weight - Cartography - Localization - Harmony and music - Q.C.M. - musical Chairs.
  • Everyday life
    • Colors - Literature - ISBN, codes with bares - Figures and writing - Music - Postage stamps - Graphic arts - Turns of magic.
  • Biography
    • Each quoted mathematician is accompanied by a short biography.

Mathematics of the secondary

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